The POWERS glass

The POWERS glass was conceived as a remarkable way of presenting the ‘centre cut’ story visually so the US consumer could grasp in one fell swoop why POWERS is a whiskey like no other whilst also giving bartenders an engaging story to tell as they serve. The fact the liquid sits meticulously dead centre like a spirit level is not only appealing to look at but also curious to others in the bar, driving further sampling. 

50,000 of these highly distinctive bespoke glasses were rolled out initially and the good news is not only do US whiskey aficionados love the drink, they love the glasses too as many of them are ‘disappearing’ as mementos; the highest compliment indeed. 

With glass and product shots by the world-renowned Jonathan Knowles, the longer-term plan is to also sell the glasses as part of gifting packs.

And for Irish bars stocking the popular POWERS GOLD LABEL on their optics, once again we got creative to tell the ‘centre cut’ story.